World News Monitor

The World News Monitor uses NewsTech technology to provide an information website for the general reader in the "global village". The World News Monitor (WNM) was launched in February 2019 and reached thousands of readers worldwide in just a few weeks. WNM has readers in almost every country in the world and is repeatedly quoted on various social networks.

Currently, WNM focuses primarily on economic news. The sources of origin come from all over the world. WNM aims at providing an unbiased and objective overview of recent economic news. The broad range of covered sources from West and East, from North and South give readers the opportunity to create their own impression of the current news situation.

WNM journalists see themselves as service providers within the information society. They summarize the articles strictly for information purposes.

Reports, in-depth-analysis, interviews, and exclusive stories deepen the information in order to shed more light on news background and put the news in context - quite traditional means but very efficient as WNM journalists always take a global perspective.

WNM is the digital newspaper for the "global village". WNM journalists – coming from Europe, Australia, Asia and the U.S. – deliver the basis for fact-oriented information. The core aim is to give the global community a common foundation for political debate and social interaction, economics and trade, investing and welfare.

WNM separates the important from the unimportant and focus on those pieces of information that contribute most to a better understanding of the facts. WNM journalists analyze the information and put things into context – without bias or being opinionated.

Journalism, as we see it, should be neutral and decent and should contribute to a global common good.