Our Approach


NewsTech technology monitors hundreds of news sources from all over the world. Experienced editors from different countries and continents continuously evaluate and update the list of covered news sources with respect to both their credibility and relevance to various news sections.

NewsTech technology extracts a short and representative summary of the news content. In such a way, readers can quickly grasp the facts of current news and focus on what is important to them.


NewsTech team consists of journalists, analysts, and developers with a long and broad experience in journalism, research, and recent technologies.

We provide information with an emphasis on facts, transparency, and globality.


NewsTech allows for the development of a broad range of products focusing on the collection of data and finding the facts: web tools, reports, newsletters, reports, and trend analysis.

NewsTech products focus exclusively on facts. By the synopsis of many different sources, news can be easily reviewed for plausibility.

NewsTech products do not contain any personal opinions or evaluations. We deliver strictly objective information so that our consumers and customers can come to informed assessments.