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... and grasp the power of global information.

The amount of online available news and information sources worldwide is huge. Media, news agencies, governments, organizations, bloggers, and experts contribute 24/7 to the steady growing universe of information.

Today, we can know much more than in former times. For this unique situation in history, we employ state-of-the art technologies to efficiently find information that is relevant to a predefined topic of interest.

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... carefully what you find in all the online available sources.

News are structured and consumed in a very specific way. Our long years of journalistic experience build the foundation for the NewsTech technology that accounts for the news structure and identifies those pieces of information that contribute most to the understanding of the underlying facts.

Using the NewsTech technology, readers can grasp the essence of a text at a glance. In such a way, journalists, experts, analysts, and researchers can review very large amounts of texts in a very short time.

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... the essence of information taking all sources into account.

NewsTech technology aims to provide a solid foundation for fact-oriented information which is essential for discourses, political and social interactions, and economic designs.

Journalists using the NewsTech technology work at the interface between technology and online media in a neutral and unbiased way which contributes to the emergence of a global common good.